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Founded in 1983, Ricman Manufacturing has supplied machined parts to over a thousand different companies nationwide. Our team of highly skilled machinists work together to deliver finished, high quality machined parts and assemblies to meet our customer’s demands, on time and within budget.  Ricman Manufacturing has seen many up turns and down turns in the economy during the past 30 years and have adapted to these inevitable changes.  We take pride in our work and enjoy partnering with our customers to continue to provide high end precision machined parts for any industry.

Our goal is to give our customers superior quality, service and precision CNC machined parts. We supply the simplest components from the most complex prototype to high quantity production runs.

Solutions are what you are looking for. We make the best use of your time and money while preserving accuracy. We assist your engineers by suggesting design modifications that make your CNC machined parts more efficient and economical to manufacture. We stay on the cutting edge of technology by purchasing the most advanced CNC machining equipment available to our industry.

Our quality and service is second to none, we invite you to submit your next CNC machining requirement to us for a quotation.